Interpreting Booths and S.I.S. (Simultaneous Interpreting System)

Interpreting Booths and S.I.S. (Simultaneous Interpreting System) with quite large numbers of wireless headsets. For 300 units of headset our inventory in Bali are not quite sufficient we probably have to ship from Surabaya and/or Jakarta. Please clarify, whether you require interpreters into Bahasa Indonesia or into English e.g. Japan < > Indonesia / English; Mandarin < > Indonesia / English: Korea < > Indonesia/ English Are these (two) interpreters for same language shall act as back up (because it is too exhausted for one to simultaneously interpret for long hours), they are expected to work independently in separate function rooms We are registered company, which regularly provide this kind of services. And we are appointed company to provide interpreters in Police, District Attorney and Court of Justice in more than 9 languages. Please see our website for details Our rate is around IDR 750,000 (or equivalent in USD) per hour with 4 minimum attending 4 hours. Require Air Tickets, Land transports, Hotel Accommodation & Meals And Material to be interpreted could be sent to us for review, to ensure smooth interpreting To meet your expectation, we strongly suggest you to arrange long distance interview or test over the phone or Skype with each interpreter
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